Failure and its successors

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Ran into a terrific WORDPRESS post (Why I’m Failing and Why It Isn’t So Bad) in which the author talks about failure… and what happens afterward. The post comes from a recent college graduate whose dreams of architecture went the way of our nations credit rating over at Standard and Poors. In it, she embedded J.K Rowlings commencement address at Harvard. It is powerful… I included it here (well worth the twenty-one minutes).

War or hearts? – This American Life

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The segment, Act 1: Is This War or Is It Hearts?, took me off guard.  It’s eleven minutes long… See if it gets you, too.

It’s David Ellis Dickerson, from his book House of Cards.


Silent Monks

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Provide lyric for Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus.  Classic.

The Blessing of the Wine

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We got in on the harvest party at South Coast Winery this weekend with our good friends Skip and Janet Allen.  I wrote a LeaderFOCUS for this week about our experience – STOMP.  Enjoy the video:

Teacher of the Year – Speech

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I love this suff… Teacher of the Year 2010: Iowa’s Sarah Brown Wessling


One incredible pilot story…

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Amazing.  My favorite airplane… a turbo King Air.  Whew.


Two Powerful Stories from Haiti

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Dan Woolley is a guy who was in Steve Highfill’s youth group back in Cypress days who now works with Compassion International. Dan’s harrowing story was featured this morning, top of the first hour, on the TODAY show. It’s powerful.


Jenna Wolfe, an NBC correspondent, grew up in Haiti.  She returns to search out the people she grew with, workers in her father’s factory, and her families house in Port ai Prince.  Grab a box of hankies.

JENNA WOLFE Returns to Haiti

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