Welcome to Un-plugged

I guess you would say I’m a seasoned blogger.  But not really.  I’ve been writing for over ten years now.  No NY Times best-sellers (yet.  I can still hope, can’t I?). 

An unexpected detour came along last fall.  The whole experience triggered a flood of emotion, ideas, thoughts, self-examination and introspection.  I’ve called on counselors, advisors, gurus, coaches and just about everything except a clairvoyant.  There are things I want to talk about…  

And in the journey, I’ve discovered a whole lot of people who have the same impulse.  These are like minded folks who are all over the Internet.  They have forums in which they discuss all manner of issues.  And in the writing and bantering, something gets generated besides heat.  It’s light.

Maybe you are one of them.

So, I’ve created this little place to share ideas, observations and links to others who, like me, just gotta get it out there.   

Let’s get the conversation going.


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