One more entry (see previous post) … I’ve been listening to Tim Russert’s audio book, Big Russ.  When Matt Lauer interviewed Tim’s son Luke, a new Boston University Grad, just three days after the heart attack took his father, I wondered how in the world it would go.  But as you will see, it’s an amazing tribute to the power of the father/son relationship.  It stirred up all kinds of things in me… memories of my own dad, Big Ed.  It stirred up all the pride I feel for our son, Kevin; and our two remarkable sons in law, Ben and Jamie.  And then, it set the stage for the years we have to connect with four grandsons (and three grand-daughters, too).  Kenny.  Wil. Emerson.  Noah.  What will the years bring?  How will they think and speak of us the summer of their college gradations?  Somthing to ponder.  Check out Luke Russert…  Grab a hanky.

The Luke Russert Interview

Check out Russert’s Book – Big Russ and Me