Lefties Rule


I always notice.  If it’s the server in a restaurant or a film clip of a person signing a document or a student taking notes in a classroom – if it’s the left hand, I catch it.  I’ll even comment.  “You’re left handed,” I’ll say.  Usually, I’ll get a knowing grin, a nod of acknowledgement.  And most of them know that I’m saying something about it because I’m one, too.

When someone notices my use of the left hand, I’ll usually say, “that explains it, doen’t it?”  And while the answers vary in specifics, generally the response is affirmation.  “Yes.  It does.”  No need to point out that there’s something that needs explaining.

That’s because there’s plenty of tradition that makes lefty’s feel, well, on the outside.  There was a time when parents and teachers devoted all their energies to suppress lefthandedness wherever it emerged in all its gauche intrusion on normality (check it out, the word gauche means “left”).  There are plenty of hurdles to jump for lefties.  No need to rehearse them all.  But when NBC NIGHTLY NEWS pointed out the plain facts, they lightened the load of lefties all over America.  You see, both Presidential candidates this year are, that’s right, lefites.  McCain and Barama.  Check it out.  Lefties.

But that’s not all – six of the last eight Presidents are left handed.  My my my.  Not only is that astonishing, it brings to mind a rather impressive list of others who used not the right, but the wrong… er… left hand.

Watch the video.

Allyson takes Silver

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Well, we are all reeling after the Women’s 200m… Allyson was awesome.  And Silver metal is an amazing accomplishment.  If you saw the race, you also saw the family consoling Allyson on the sidelines.  I heard from her father, Paul.  Here’s my e-mail message to him from today.  Click on the link, and watch the video.  You’ll love it.

* * * * * * *

Hey Paul… what a sweet moment in “The Birds  Nest”… as Allyson came to terms with a “disappointing” silver, she gathered with her mom and dad and brother on the sideline, draped in the American flag, and you spoke to her and loved on her… there were tears in our eyes; ours were not disappointment – rather we were just plain moved by the warmth of a family; a witness of what God can do when a family honors Him.  Who’d a thunk, Paul, when you left Toyota to follow a calling that transcended a corporate computer career… I’m proud of you, buddy, but mainly, as I’ve watched your calling unfold, to see the enormous blessing of a beautiful wife, son and daughter, a champion whose real goal is to be teacher, like her Mom.  The world is inspired.

In this era of high def, I can no longer export recorded files  off the DVR… but thanks to the internet, I found the link to a video you’ll want to see… along with the rest of the world.  Wow!

Your friend,  Ken

….This is from the MSNBC web site… ENJOY!  (We think it’s fantastic.)

Allyson Felix sprints for glory

Aug. 20: Allyson Felix, a minister’s daughter who aspires to be a teacher, is one of America’s fastest-rising track stars, and she’s hoping to restore honor to her sport in the post-Marion Jones era. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports. (Nightly News)


Laura and Allyson

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You might recall that I wrote about three athletes we planned to watch: Laura Wilkinson, Allyson Felix and Michael Phelps.  Here’s a link to to that LeaderFOCUS.

Well the whole world knows about Phelps.  Wow.  What an amazing run.  Some of those finishes had us out of our seats, off the couch.

Just tonight, Allyson’s dad, Paul, responded to my e-mail.  I knew he’d be plugged in over there.  He and Allyson’s mom, Marlene, are watching the semis.  Soon we’ll know the outcome of the Women’s 200m final. 

Allyson’s Journal

I signed up for Laura’s e-mail… I guess many of us are prayer partners.  You need to see what Laura said in her note… just as she was leaving for the competition…

Well, it’s finally my turn to compete!  I head back over to the pool in about an hour to warm-up for my prelims, which start at 7pm Beijing time.   I feel good, I’ve been training well and I’m just ready to have the time of my life!

For my prayer warriors out there, please pray that I can focus on Jesus and let all the other “junk” go- like results, expectations, what people think, etc.  The focus of most of my prayers are for the people watching, both in the 17,000 seat venue and watching on tv.  I’m praying that they will see the light of Jesus and that this place will become a House of Praise for Him!  I’m just excited to be His servant here! 

I want to thank you all so very much for the tons of support you have given me, not just recently but over the years.  This may be an individual event, but I certainly would not be here without a lot of help from so many wonderful people! 


Laura Wilkinson
Olympic & World Champion
President, Laura Wilkinson Foundation

Tony Snow

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Thanks, Susan Kemp, for passing along “Tony Snow’s Testimony” which appeared in October of 2007.  It’s a powerful witness, and challenge.

When I read it, I knew it would be the focus of this week’s LF.  Tony is a “person of faith…” a deep Christian commitment.  You’ll get a sense of it as you read.

I also found the President’s talk at Tony’s Memorial service.  It, too, is well worth the read.  Here are the links:

Tony Snow’s Testimony | President’s Remarks