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One more entry (see previous post) … I’ve been listening to Tim Russert’s audio book, Big Russ.  When Matt Lauer interviewed Tim’s son Luke, a new Boston University Grad, just three days after the heart attack took his father, I wondered how in the world it would go.  But as you will see, it’s an amazing tribute to the power of the father/son relationship.  It stirred up all kinds of things in me… memories of my own dad, Big Ed.  It stirred up all the pride I feel for our son, Kevin; and our two remarkable sons in law, Ben and Jamie.  And then, it set the stage for the years we have to connect with four grandsons (and three grand-daughters, too).  Kenny.  Wil. Emerson.  Noah.  What will the years bring?  How will they think and speak of us the summer of their college gradations?  Somthing to ponder.  Check out Luke Russert…  Grab a hanky.

The Luke Russert Interview

Check out Russert’s Book – Big Russ and Me

Big Ed

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This weekend, I knew I would write about Tim Russert.  It came as an enormous shock to hear about his untimely death on Friday.  Carolyn knew it would impact me… we are NBC News regulars.  We record Meet the Press every week.  Seemed like I always found myself waiting for Russert’s summary of this political breaking news item or that.  He had the ability to clarify, simplify.  Like “Florida, Florida Florida.”  I’ll have to stop by the Smithsonian to see the white board next time I’m in DC.

So this weekend, I downloaded “Big Russ and Me,” the audio version of his best-seller (iTunes audiobooks), and was pleased to discover that he read the text for the project.  I cued it up, and on this morning’s twenty-five miler, I caught the first hour or so of the book.  It’s haunting now that he’s gone.  It’s an amazing gift to his father, and his son, Luke.  And it’s an amazing gift to those of us who value the role.

It reminded me so much of my own father.  Russert is two years younger then me.  His dad about the same age as mine.  As I pedalled away on this beautiful Sunday morning, the emotion welled up on this Father’s day as Russert, in his own familiar voice, talks about his dad.

So I commend the book to you.  I’m certain you’ll enjoy the hard copy.  But as for me, the audio version, in Tim’s voice, is more than worth the price of admission.

And when you’re done… write your Dad a note.

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