Here’s a current update from Festim – as I write, he is winging his way to DC:

Hello Friends,

Some of you already know that I will go to DC tomorrow (Monday September 29th) on my last efforts to find a job. And some of you have asked me to keep you updated about my job situation.

Well here it is. I have two weeks to find a job or I will have to leave the country. So far, I had no luck  finding a job in Southern California. It seems like every door of opportunity gets closed right about when I sense that there is some hope of getting a job here in California. I had about seven or eight interviews and applied to about forty different places but nothing worked. So, after some serious praying, thinking, and consulting with some friends, I have decided to go to Washington DC. The job market for my field (political science, non-profit, etc) is much better in DC than here.

 I have some friends in DC that I will be staying with and meeting with while I am there. Hopefully some of my friends will lead me to a job or job interviews. I already have a job offer in DC, but it is not sufficient enough to keep me going as it is, an 8 hour week part-time job. If you guys happen to have any contacts or friends you know in DC who could help me please let me know. If I don’t get a job in DC, I will fly back to LA to pack up and go to my home country, Kosova.

These last three months were difficult for me but God, your encouragements, and faith have helped me maintain a positive attitude. Please, pray that God provides me a job and some guidance these coming couple of weeks.

In Him,


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