My friends, Craig and Carole Holiday introduced me to a new book… The Shack.  Here’s the note I wrote when I finished reading…

  1. Thank you for introducing me to an incredible piece of work…
  2. I’d be hard pressed to name a book that’s had a more profound impact on me.  It’s gunna take some time to unpack all the meaning.  I may even read it again… which is something I rarely do.
  3. I’m telling all my friends that this is a must read.   You know you’ll be seeing something pop up on a Monday morning soon – probably this week…

So when Craig wrote me an e-mail, inviting me to bring Carolyn along to join him and Carole at Mariner’s Church to hear William P. (Paul) Young, author of The Shack, I had never heard of either.  Google kicked in, and within minutes I had the story before me.  Here is a self-published work of fiction that in its first year had seven hundred-fifty thousand copies in print.  Already, they are calling it a “New York Times” best-seller… and the most recent number I’ve heard is two million.

This stunning explosion of sales could only have one explanation: word of mouth, I surmised.  There must be something about this book that gets people talking; the common directive – “this is a must read.”  That’s what it must be.  Well, now I’ve heard the author speak, and I’ve read his book.  And I’m joining in the chorus of folks who are telling their friends – read this book.

Thanks again to Google, I’m also quite aware that the book has its critics – particularly from the heresy hunters that seem to have access to the airwaves and blogosphere.  I’ve read enough to get the gist of the criticism (perhaps the most credible, Chuck Colson).  But none of them convince me.

As I said, there’s much unpacking to do as the book comes to a potent conclusion.  You can guess, I’ll be writing more.  Between now and then, get your hands on a copy.  First, to find out what the buzz is all about.  Second, well, perhaps you’ll be impacted as I have been.

On the other side, let’s talk.